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Kauai’s Premiere Soft Pressure Washing Service

We are all aware that mold infestation is unsightly, but mold can also cause damage over time as it feeds on the surfaces on which it grows. Removal of mold is not easy when our environment supports its growth. Choose Kauai Roof Cleaning to perform your exterior cleaning and maintenance. With 25+ years of experience, we can be your professional exterior cleaning company.

We Offer Environmentally Safe Cleaning Solutions

Kauai Roof Cleaning can help you with the exterior cleaning and maintenance of any building, residential or commercial. Our tropical climate supports mold proliferation in a big way. If you don’t take action to stop the problem, mold growth can quickly spiral out of control. We offer environmentally safe cleaning solutions, so call us today! We pride ourselves in great workmanship and customer satisfaction.
Kauai Roof Cleaning offers wood shingle cleaning services in Kauai, HI
wood shingle cleaning
& maintenance
Kauai Roof Cleaning in Kauai, HI does brick, stone, & concrete pathway cleaning
brick, stone, & concrete
pathway cleaning
Kauai Roof Cleaning will remove mold from wood, patios, decks and porches
wood, patio, decks, &
porch mold removal

Kauai Roof Cleaning Offers Peace of Mind

Whether you own a home or business, you can have the peace of mind that your cleaning and maintenance needs are being met by a professional, detail-oriented team that does it right the first time. We are fully insured, and happy to provide both residential and commercial services to the whole island of Kauai, and you’ll find our services and expertise second to none.
Our chemicals and cleaning solutions are safe, green, and biodegradable, meaning that your home or property will be safe. With the proper care, your roof, patio, fence, or deck doesn’t need to weather and show the signs of aging. Let us clean and seal it! Our sealant protects those surfaces, offering them a new lease on life.
Safe Cleaning Solutions
Results In An Amazing Curb Appeal!