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Cleaning Your Roof in Kauai, HI

Our roofs take the brunt of the injury from our environment. Algae and moss are especially prevalent along Kauai’s coastal areas. This fact, in combination with the build up of general grime accumulating over life of your property, can become unsightly and damaging. Without frequent, professional cleaning your house or business will begin to lose curb appeal and even property value.

Prolonging the Life of Your Roof

Our properties are often the largest investments in our lives. Without proper repair and maintenance, we can experience diminished returns much more quickly than necessary. The correct care and maintenance of your roof can slow this deterioration of value. Kauai Roof Cleaning is here to help you keep your home or business in top shape. You can trust us to clean your roof the right way the first time, so you can rest assured that your property is getting the care it deserves.
Kauai Roof Cleaning offers metal roof cleaning services
metal roof cleaning
& maintenance
Kauai Roof Cleaning offers algae & moss removal services
roof shingle cleaning
algae & moss removal
Kauai Roof Cleaning offers wood shake protection
wood shake protection
& cleaning service

Revitalize Your Property with Kauai Roof Cleaning!

We utilize a great team with over a decade’s experience to revitalize your property. Our products are all green, eco-friendly choices that we use according to the labeled instructions and are environmentally safe. That makes our roof cleaning and protecting your premier, safe choice to bring life back to your property. Cleaning shingles instead of replacing them down the road can save thousands of dollars, and the cleaning process generally makes your roof look like new again.
We also offer sealant services that keep water and sun from quickly degrading your roof. Kauai Roof Cleaning is fully insured. Our 25+ years of experience to revitalize your property, along with the cleaning and sealing products, give your roof a new lease on life!
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